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Centennial Commissions Concert Series Continues in Belgium

Flagey OPENING CONCERT ‐ Studio 1, Flagey
Thursday, MAY 22, 8:00pm

    FRANCK Quartet in D Major
    THOMPSON The Wind in the Willows
    MOZART String Quartet in C, K. 465 (“Dissonant”)  

Note: This concert has been organized by Michel Arthur Prévost, grand nephew of founding violist Germain Prévost, and replicates a concert given in 1938 for the Pro Arte’s 25th anniversary.
Attending: The cellist Philippe Lamury, grandson of PAQ founding cellist Robert Maas.
Bartok CONCERT DU MIDI ‐ Royal Library of Belgium 
Friday, May 23, 12:30pm

    BARTÓK Quartet No. 1
    HAYDN Quartet in D Major, Op. 20 No. 4

Reception follows

Note: Program selected to relate to library holdings. “In our collection we have correspondence between Bartok and Gaston Verhuyck (Impresario of the Pro Arte Quartet in the 20’s – 30s) concerning the 1st and the 4th string quartets of Bartók. We have the first edition of all the string quartets of Haydn, with a handwritten dedication of Grétry on it.”

Attending: Hubert Roisin, Counselor to HM King Philippe I, King of Belgium
Onnou SATURDAY CONCERT - Dolhain Limburg 
Saturday, May 24

Including the installation of a plaque on the home of Alphonse Onnou, founding violinist of the QPA, and inauguration of the Exhibition Alphonse Onnou at the Dolhain Limburg Library.

8:00PM CONCERT ‐ Room Kursaal Dolhain
     STRAVINSKY Elégie
     HAYDN Quartet in D, op. 20 No. 4
     MOZART Adagio and Fugue K. 546
     GLAZUNOV Walz from 5 Novelettes op. 15 (Could be a “bis”)
     FRANCK Quartet in D Major

Note: Dolhain Limburg is the birthplace of PAQ founding violinist Alphonse Onnou
Brussels Conservatory

MONDAY CONCERT ‐ Brussels Conservatory
Monday, May 26, 5:15pm

    MERNIER Quartet No. 3
    THOMPSON The Winds in the Willows
    MOZART Adagio and Fugue K. 546
    BARBER Quartet op. 11, II: Adagio

Benoît Mernier

TUESDAY CONCERT ‐ Catholic University of Louvain, Multipurpose Hall Farm Biéreau
Tuesday, MAY 27, 1:00pm

    MERNIER Quartet No. 3
    MOZART Adagio and Fugue K. 546
    BARBER Quartet op. 11, II: Adagio